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The King; the ultimate goal— but can’t do the work itself. Need the strength of others to keep standing.

The Knight; the irrational piece, it moves by leaps of intuition, choosing a route entirely unique to himself, hardest to predict.

The Bishop; the piece that is held back by only being able to move on its own color - it can surprise you.

The Rook; who guards the king, the watcher and protector.

The Queen; the most powerful piece. Has full freedom of movement in any direction and is the most valuable. She moves in any way she pleases to win the game.

The Pawn; the least powerful piece on the chess board, but has the potential to become equal to the most powerful - with the right move.  


History of Anarchy » Hailing from Oakland, California, Lenny Janowitz became the 3rd member of SAMCRO. He met John and Piney in boot camp, but they lost touch and it wasn’t until they saw him again after a mission in Hanoi that they reconnected. Lenny was a smart, no-nonsense type of guy, extremely intelligent, and when JT and Piney started SOA, they knew they’d need a guy like Lenny in the club. He soon became John Teller’s Sergeant-At-Arms. It was no secret that Lenny was a hit with the ladies. He invented the term “croweater,” when he realized that being part of the Sons of Anarchy was a pussy magnet. He used it to his advantage, eventually making it a business and earning his nickname, “The Pimp”.

Lenny got busted one spring morning when his house was raided by three ATF agents looking for weapons. Allegedly, he had been trafficking weapons and the ATF got tipped of that he was slashing them in the basement of his house. They raided his house but didn’t find what they were looking for. The next morning, the three ATF agents were found dead, shot to death by unmarked bullets inside one of their vans. Lenny claims to know nothing of it, but they had enough evidence to tie him to the killings. Not going down without a fight, Lenny fought tooth and nail defending his name and story, with SOA in his corner. Even after all these years, he is still fighting the charges. Lenny is currently serving a life sentence at Stockton State Prison. In 2006, Lenny’s three-pack-a-day cigarette habit led to cancer of the larynx and his vocal chords were removed but he still manages to call shots around the prison yard, and has built an alliance with the Russian mafia. He is now the last and only member of the First 9 to be a member of the current SAMCRO.


History of Anarchy »  John Teller was born in Modesto, California on May 5, 1940. Raised in a post-depression era, John didn’t come from much and had a simple upbringing. From a young age, JT was restless; he yearned for more than schooling offered him and at 16, he dropped out, packed his bags, and set out on a trek to search for a deeper meaning and better understanding of life. His journey of self-discovery took him to the Shoshone caves near the Nevada border where he came across a quote, painted in red under an abandoned aqueduct, from rebel writer Emma Goldman. The epiphany lit a rebellious fire under John and he applied the doctrine of anarchy and rebellion throughout his life. John ultimately learned that true freedom would require sacrifice, so he joined the Army and did two tours in Vietnam with the 25th infantry Airbone division.

John was a thinker and it was in Vietnam where he did most of his thinking and reading. His experiences observations during war brought about a newfound consciousness, ultimately becoming a big part of John’s motivation to live outside society. In his platoon, he met Piney Winston, who became his closest and dearest friend. They talked about forming a motorcycle club, a band of brothers who shared the same ideals, and vowed to ride cross-county if they made it out of the jungle alive. John Teller returned from the war, a decorated hero, but nobody seemed to know it judging by the reception he and his fellow soldiers received in the states. John was itchy coming back from the war; he knew something had to happen. He called up Piney and they hopped on their bikes and never looked back. Over the next few years, they rode through Redwood County, up and down the coast, eventually forming the Sons of Anarchy. John Teller was their President.

Years later, JT met his match; Gemma Madoc, a free-spirited, sexy brunette who was wise beyond her years. It was Gemma who brought SAMCRO to Charming after getting knocked up, forcing SOA to settle in the town she had grown in. They had two kids together, Jackson and Thomas. John started a downward spiral when his youngest son, Thomas„ died after complications from a heart condition in 1993. Afraid that he let his deeper goals of freedom and camaraderie be corrupted by greed and violence, he began repenting and ruminating in a detailed journal. That journal ultimately became a manuscript entitled “The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way.” Things were changing: the club he and Piney once formed as an alternative to society’s box and a love of the open roas was turning into a dark, lonely place where blood and bullet were the way of life. One night, while riding on 580, John Teller lost control of his Harley and was struck by a semi, his Panhead mangled and stretched across the westbound lanes. He died two days later, but left a legacy with the club. That 1949 Harley Panhead FL Hydra Glyde was reconstructed by his son Jackson and his son’s best friends, Opie Winston, and it sits in the SAMRO clubhouse as a reminder of here the club came from. John Teller was the original Son of Anarchy.



RIGHT, let’s be honest Thomas would have been better as a pres because Thomas was JT’s boy and while Jax has the same violent/controlling temper as Gemma and is Gemma favorite, my headcanon is that Thomas was JT’s favorite and Thomas had the calm temper JT had while would make him runing the club with BRAIN and no his anger and dick.